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Naturetech provides certification and accreditation for indoor environmental health. This can be useful in domestic homes, offices and workplaces, in the hospitality industry and in commercial and residential developments.


NEW: Naturetech providing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) skills for CEC Qualified Solar Installers, so that they can provide systems that are optimised for EMR safety at both low/power and high/RF frequencies.

Naturetech provides skilling for use of RF emitting technologies, to minimise harm. 


Through the medias of video, podcast and written word, Naturetech is educating on the critical health issues that surround modern technology and electronic/electrical systems.


Putting Nature before Tech for harmony in the new digital world

Naturetech is not about reducing our use of complex digital systems or modern materials usage within this technological era. It is all about producing harmony with the new technology, so that we can reap the advantages of new technologies.  Naturetech has a laser focus towards avoiding the mistake of not following the precautionary principle. Naturetech seeks to minimise or eliminate becoming harmed or harming others through the ignorant (biologically unaware) application of technologies.

We Are Committed To Protect And Enhance Our Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Environmental Chemical

Environmental Electromagnetic

Environmental Biological

What Naturetech Offers

Sustainable use of modern technology is our imperative.

Whether it be;

* indoor and other construction, fabrication and adhesion building technologies
* modern chemical usage in domestic, office and industrial applications

* safe use of RF (LF. microwave, mm wave) and LF electromagnetic emitting devices

Naturetech is a consultancy that offers;

* methodological solutions in construction and tech deployments
* dwelling certifications to healthy standards

* accreditation programs for healthy buildings, from homes to hotels

* comprehensive evaluations for security sensitive environments/organisations


We Perceive and Remove the Harmful Invisibles

Eco System
Mindful technology application for people and planet.
Solar Focus
Ensure your solar system is optimised to minimise harmful radiation
Eco Ideas
Awareness of product purchases can be the difference between healthy and unhealthy.
Ensuring Energy Systems do not conflict with human needs

Recent News

Health Aware
Solar Installers
We consult to, and maintain a database of solar installers who know how to provide you with a Health Optimised Solar System (HISS)

HISS certified solar system providers install with power line low frequency (and electricity transient ("dirty electricity") signals) in mind. They know what to test and how to make rewirings of buildings in order to maximise health and minimise biological impact of electrical installations.

Industry Partnerships

Naturetech works together with industry partners in order to bring harmony (and lack of harm) to our environment.

We have agreements with qualified entities involved in construction, remediation, maintenance and analysis, that can go to any depth of activity in order to optimise your environment. Naturetech integrates this array of expertise into our "one-stop-shop".
Harmony with Nature 
What good is a dwelling if it is toxic to humans or other animals?

The "big three" factors of dwelling health, being chemical, biological and electromagnetic, must all be given due attention in order to create dwellings in harmony with nature.

Naturetech guides us gently towards better solutions for 21st Century living, working and playing.